Danish Smørrebrød is a traditionel famous danish dish. In English it’s commonly know as Open Faced Sandwiches. It typically consist of a piece of rye bread (in Danish called ”rugbrød”) with different toppings.


Bread is a very important part of the Danish table, specially rugbrød which is sough-dour rye bread. It’s dark and heavy, and often contains different seeds. At Copenhagen Smørrebrød we have freshly baked Rugbrød every single day – in order to have the best quality of Smørrebrød.


There are many variations of Smørrebrød and the topping consists of different cold cuts, pieces of fish or meat, cheese or spreads.

Some of the most traditional toppings is pickled herrings, which all Danes eat specially during Christmas – served alongside Danish aquavit. Other popular toppings are Tartar, Danish Meatballs and of course, Smoked Salmon.


Danish Smørrebrød is well know and famous all over the world. Recently, Lonely Planet awarded Smørrebrød in Copenhagen as the number 6 top food experience in the world! Are you visiting Copenhagen it's a must to try our danish delicacy. 


At Copenhagen Smørrebrød we offer a selection of the most popular variations of Smørrebrød. All which are homemade from fresh ingredients and added some extra love.

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